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Travel and Tour Guide To An Odd Country "Kosovo"

Ringed by high mountains and once ravaged by ethnic tensions,Kosovo is independent and disputed country in South Eastern Europe, it is surrounded by Albania, Montenegro,Macedonia,Serbia. It's got it's independence in February 2008 from Serbia.Pristina is the capital of these country.These country has population of around 2,126,708 and an are of 10,887 km² and currency used is euro. Albanian 90% , Serbian 6% are the two official languages but many people in Kosovo can speak English and German.Here you can find 6 set of different cultures (Albanian, Serb, Roma, Ashkalia, Bosniak, and Turkish). Kosovars tend to be very friendly to American,Western European and Middle Eastern. The climate is continental, with very warm summers and cold and snowy winters.


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