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Anguilla-Travel Information And Guide

Anguilla is the small pearl in the Caribbean region and is British overseas territory. It is  the island lying east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and directly north of Saint Martin. It is approximately 26 km long by 5 km wide at its widest point. The small country has history dated back to 1300 B.C. These country has all which all other Caribbean Nation offer. It has gorgeous bays, some of the best white sand beaches in the world, palm trees and the turquoise  ocean all around. There are some stunning coral reefs just outside the coast, which make it a  fine destination for scuba diving. It has some of the most popular bays likes Shoal Bay, Barnes, Rendezvous, Road and Little Bay.

 Anguilla, Caribbean

Hammocks under palms at Gwen's

Anguilla, Red Stripe Angullia

English is the official language of these island. These island is made up of limestone, so has many caves of which The Big Springs cave is most impressive. JetBlue.com provide details of all plane to Anguilla. There are only two ways to go to the island one by plane or by boat. Both have many option. You can chose any one of them it depends on you. Getting around island is easy you can rent a bike,mopeds or car. Or you can board a ferry of taxi. Driving is on left so be caution.

Bananaquit Anguilla

Malliouhana Anguilla

Little Bay Anguilla

Pimms Cap Juluca

Rendezvous Bay Anguilla

Meads Bay Anguilla

Long bay at sunset Anguilla
You can do following things here such as Hiking, Art Gallery Tours, Horseback Riding at Seaside Stables, Spa and Wellness, Glass-bottom boat, Swimming, Snorkeling, Fishing.

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