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Germany-Travel Information And Guide

Germany is a small country located in the west-central Europe. It has many neighbor's such as France,         Belgium,Netherlands,Luxembourg,Czech Republic,Austria,Poland and Switzerland.Ruined by World War II still it is a largest country in Central Europe. It is also world's main economical power. It is also home to some of the best company's in the world like Volkswagen,Siemens,BMW,etc.  It is also the most cultural influence r in Central Europe. It has some of the best university in the world and it's like heaven to student of other nation. University in Germany have collaboration with other university in the world.

It's a nation with great abilities.Now getting to the point,Germany has many tourist spot to visit. Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport are two international airport in Germany and are largest one also. Traveling to Germany is very easy and convenient both by air or by land.It has dense network of transport that include buses,train(intercity express with a speed of 300km/hr)and flight.

Her we have listed some of the best cities in Germany to visit such as Berlin,Bremen,Cologne,Dresden Dusseldorf,Frankfurt,Hamburg,Munich,Nuremberg,etc. These is just the small list but there are many more.

Last but not the list it is one of the safest places on earth. Police are very strict they abide all laws and regulation. They help in every case. Being polite is good in Germany,you will not see any crime(rape,homo-side,robbery).

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